A Guide to Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the silicate family of minerals and its chemical name is sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The stone has a microstructure with successive feldspar layers that cause diffraction of light and due to the emission of these magnificent visual effects it is called moonstone. The primeval Greeks used to call this stone ‘Aphroselene’ after the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the goddess of the moon, Selene. Indians used to call it ‘chandrakanta’ translated as ‘beloved by the moon.’

Physical Healing Energy

The frequency of this stone has the ability to neutralize the body’s energy cycles. It is very helpful in treating problems related to the female reproductive system. It can ease menstruation pain, improve fertility, simplify the child birth process, alleviate fluid retention and enable the body to achieve hormonal balance during menopause.
It can also cure problems related to the digestive system by eliminating toxins and enhancing the absorption of nutrients.

Plus, it can slow down the degeneration of skin, hair and all fleshy organs, and if brought in contact with the skin it can treat epilepsy, chronic jaundice, and renal colic. In children and youngsters, it can promote healthy growth while in the elderly it is known to alleviate the ageing process.

Metaphysical Properties

Associated with the nurturing qualities of the moon, this precious stone is regarded as the stone of fertility, intuition and feelings. People who can benefit the most from its emotional healing properties are the ones who are sensitive to the changing effects of the lunar cycle. Moreover, this stone radiates soothing effects that can help you calm down and acquire peace.

The frequency of this stone is more attuned with feminine energy rather than the masculine energy. Moreover, it triggers the right side of the brain which means that it is an excellent energizing stone for creative people. If you are suffering from creative block then wear this stone or keep it under your pillow while sleeping.

In Feng Shui moonstone is associated with metal energy and is considered the bearer of wisdom and strength. Placing its crystals in the west or north-west area of the room can help you achieve power and concentration.

Chakra Healing System

All white crystals are associated with the Crown chakra, which is the epicenter of the spiritual energy. It is located at the top of the head and helps in establishing a connection between the spiritual and real world. Moonstone eliminates negative energy from this chakra and helps you in attaining spiritual nourishment. Moreover, a balanced Crown chakra will help you find your place in the universe and enable you to see things as they really are.

How to Take Care of Moonstones?

This is an extremely sensitive, soft stone that is prone to scratches and general damages. If you are in possession of its crystals or jewelry, then you need to take extensive care of it. A simple fall can break the stone into small pieces which is why this moonstone should be used in pendants and earrings rather than rings.

Moonstones should not be brought in contact with chemicals or ultrasonic rays; neither should they be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Take some warm soapy water and clean the stone with it using a soft toothbrush. This will keep it bright and shiny!

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