Bead and Jewelry Trend Update 2017

It’s important to stay abreast of new trends in the jewelry design world in order to keep your jewelry line fresh and in demand. I don’t recommend that you drastically alter your jewelry line to mimic the latest trends since you want your line to be unique and special. It shouldn’t look like jewelry you can buy at your local department store.

Plus, styles and trends can change so quickly in the jewelry world, it often isn’t cost expedient to respond too quickly to trends. The key is to make subtle changes to your line based on trend that are still consistent with your overall them or niche.

We own a bead store and also talk to alot of bead store owners, jewelry designers, and jewelry retail store owners. That gives us a pretty good feel for what’s selling right now. I thought I’d fill you in on what seemed to the popular trends in beads and jewelry right now. (as of April, 2017)

Here are some of the most in demand items at the moment:

Copper jewelry, jewelry, beads, and findings

Copper has always sold well for us, but sales have gone through the roof in the last few weeks! People are asking for large copper beads, earring findings, and copper clasps for necklaces. If you design necklaces and earrings primarily in silver or gold shades, now might be a good time to experiment with some copper beads mixed in with your silver and gold to give an interesting mixed metal look. By the way, copper looks great on redheads! If you ever sell your jewelry at a convention for redheads, be sure to take along your copper creations. 🙂

Swarovski crystal beads

These have always sold well, particularly around the holidays, but sales have really picked up recently! Some of this may be due to Swarvoski introducing a variety of new shapes and colors. As far as colors, we’re doing well with any shade of blue and the new shade of crystal copper that Swarovski introduced recently. Would these fit into your jewelry line? You may want to check out the nice selection of Swaovski and glass beads offered by this company.

Chain, chain, chain

Chain of all types seems to be extremely popular right now. We’re finding a good sell through on the heavier, bigger linked chain. although chain of all sizes seems to be popular. I’m seeing alot of people add an interesting pendant to a chain necklace for a unique look.

Bold and eclectic pendants

It seems the bolder and more unusual the pendant, the more people seem to like it. If you’ve always made small, dainty jewelry, don’t go to the other extreme just to keep abreast of the trend. Try adding a slightly larger, pendant to your necklaces that is still consistent with your theme and test it in the marketplace.

Wooden beads

Wooden beads are still hot for the spring and summer, particularly big, bold wood with interesting textures. These look great paired with semiprecious stone and metal beads for an eclectic look.

Beads with words and symbols

It seems the popularity of scrapbooking has increased the demand for beads with words and symbols inscribed on them. People want to tell a store with their necklaces and bracelets. Charms with themes depicting hobbies and interests are also incorporated into these jewelry pieces. This would be an easy trend to incorporate into your current jewelry designs. Try adding a few words or charms to your bracelet line and see how they sell.

Textured metal

Textured metal of all types is really popular right now, particularly components that look hammered and slightly weathered. Try adding some interesting textured metal discs to your designs. If you have a rolling mill, you can pattern your own metal sheets and stamp out your own discs to have your own signature pieces.

Freshwater pearls

These have been consistently good sellers for us for quite awhile now and they seem to be getting more popular. I would anticipate them being even more in demand as the weather gets warmer.

Nature themed beads and components

Floral, nature and animal inspired beads and components are being incorporated into necklaces and bracelets. I’ve seen some stunning floral, figurative lampwork beads that are in high demand. Ceramic and glass leaf themed beads have a strong market also as well as cute animal beads in the shape of dogs, cats, and all kinds of wildlife.

What’s the best way to keep abreast of new trends? Watch what the celebrities are wearing and keep abreast of fashion trends by browsing through fashion magazines and catalogs. One resource I would highly recommend is this magazine. They feature a trend update in each issue. I don’t have time to read many magazines, but I never skip this one because of the trend analysis they do.

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